Serve Safely provides food safety consulting through professional expert advice to participating restaurants and other types of food service providers in need of guidance through the tough standards and regulations enacted by the local health department. Serve Safely provides a mobile platform where the answers to your question are a quick phone or video call away.
Allowing the business owner to focus on running their business with peace of mind that they are protected with good food safety practices.

Goal Of Services

The goals of Serve Safely are to:
  • Prepare and inform the food service establishment on food safety standards.
  • Provide translation & assistance understanding their current health inspection report, and how to fix any violations.
  • Share advice and best practices on how to implement the changes required by the local health department.
  • Work as a liaison between the food service establishment and the local health department to inspire a fruitful and respectful relationship between them.
  • Provide mock health inspections every quarter to ensure readiness for a actual routine health inspection required by local law.
  • Provide an expert point of reference for restaurants when their is a concern with food safety practices.

Plans & Pricing

Food Safety Evaluation

Price: $250
NSLBA Member Price: $200

Mock health inspection to better prepare you for a routine inspection required by local regulations.
Review of mock inspection and advice on how to avoid any potential risks.
Record keeping of all reports helping keep track of progress.

Partial Membership

Price: 200/month
NSLBA Member Price: $150/month

Unlimited phone call or video call consultations.
Advice on food safety standards & best practices for implementation.
Translations and assistance understanding health report.
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Full Membership

Price: $250/month
NSLBA Member Price: $200/month

Includes all benefits of
partial membership.
Scheduled in house consultation & food safety evaluation every quarter.
Unlimited phone calls or video call consultations.
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